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Terms and conditions

Oxford Institute of Legal Practice
Terms and conditions for candidates taking the QLTT

Please read this document carefully, together with our current Candidate Handbook and its appendices, as together these documents comprise the agreement into which you are entering with us for the provision of the QLTT:


  1. Enrolment for a Tuition or Revision session does not constitute enrolment for the Test itself.
  2. Payment: Fees must be paid in full upon enrolment and are non-refundable. A booking is only made once payment is received.

    Study Guides (“course materials”)
  3. he copyright of all course material remains that of the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice (OXILP). Such materials may not be reproduced either in whole or part, by any method whatsoever, without prior permission having been given in writing by OXILP. Once supplied, course materials become the personal property of the student to whom they are issued and may not be used by any other person.
  4. The course materials are reviewed/updated annually and are intended for use by candidates and delegates to OXILP’s courses for one year from 1 December each year, running through to 30 November the next year. If a candidate purchases materials before 30 June and then chooses to sit/resit after 1 December, it is recommended by us that he/she purchases the updated course materials (the “current course materials”). A candidate who sits the Test using the old course materials does so at his/her own risk.  Any major changes in legislation and/or regulations will be included in a separate “update” document, distributed to candidates. It is the responsibility of the candidate to track and to monitor minor changes.
  5. Candidates who opt to buy course materials in CD format will not be permitted to swap their CD for a Hard Copy of the materials on the day of a Test sitting nor at any other time. Nor will a candidate be permitted to borrow a Hard copy of the materials.

    The Test
  6. The dates, times and venues of Test sittings are provisional. Whilst OXILP will try to adhere to the published programme, it reserves the right to make changes or to cancel any sitting if this becomes necessary. Any changes will be notified in advance.
  7. You will receive written confirmation of your booking. Instructions for taking the Test will be forwarded approximately 1 week prior to the start of the Test.
  8. You will be required to produce both photographic proof of identity and your Certificate of Eligibility (issued by the Law Society of England and Wales or by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and confirming your eligibility to sit the Test in question) at the start of the Test. Failure to produce satisfactory photographic proof of identity will result in your being refused entry to the Test. No refund will be given.  Failure to provide a valid Certificate of Eligibility may result, at OXILP’s discretion, in your being  denied entry to sit the Test. Again, no refund will be given.
  9. Any legal proceedings, whether under the law of contract or otherwise, arising out of, or in connection with an application to sit the Test, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.
  10. Any contract between you and OXILP shall be governed by the law of England and Wales.
  11. Any Test paper written by you shall be the property of OXILP, and by signing this booking form, you waive any intellectual property right in such.
  12. Subject to any written guidance provided to you by the OXILP, you will be examined on the law as it is in force on the day of the Test concerned. It is candidates’ own responsibility to make sure that their knowledge and course materials are up to date.
  13. The General Registration Fee allows candidates to take three consecutive sittings. Starting a Test paper counts as one sitting, even if the candidate concerned does not complete the Test.

  14. By a candidate: all fees are non-refundable. If you fail to attend a Test for which you have enrolled, without notifying us of your deferral in accordance with the procedure set out in paragraph 17 below, the full fee will be charged.
  15. By OXILP: in the unlikely event that we have to cancel a sitting of the Test, the Test fee will be reimbursed but the Institute shall incur no further liability.

    Dishonoured cheques
  16. In the event of a cheque in respect of a payment for a Test sitting being dishonoured by a bank or building society, OXILP reserves the right to decline to allow the candidate concerned to sit the Test and/or to mark the answer sheet of the candidate concerned and/or to withhold indefinitely the Test result of the candidate concerned, pending full receipt by OXILP of the amount owing.

  17. To defer a sitting of the Test, a candidate must notify OXILP of his/her intended deferral, in writing, at least 10 working days before the Test date. Between this date and the date of the Test a candidate may defer only upon presentation of appropriate medical evidence. A candidate can defer once without a charge being made, but after that a fee of £50 per deferral is payable by the candidate to OXILP.
  18. A partial credit, reflecting the difference between the fees paid and any fee due for the deferred sitting, will be carried over against an enrolment by the same candidate for the next Test sitting. The fee to be carried forward will be confirmed by OXILP to the candidate in writing. A new application for the next Test to be entered must be submitted, together with the balance of the fee before the deadline for receipt of bookings for the Test.  This deadline shall normally be the 7th day preceding the Test sitting concerned, but is subject to variation at OXILP’s discretion.



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